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    PvP Boosting Services

    Various PvP boosting services are available on Overgear. Push your WoW character beyond the limits of ordinary gaming.

    You can order rating boost up to 2400. Our professional coaches can also teach you how to be good at PvP and get that Gladiator title yourself! Various rewards like gear, mounts and achievements await. Check the category below.

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      PvP is a major component of World of Warcraft. It rewards players with elite armour sets, weapons mounts, tabards, and achievements. This part of the game is too juicy to be ignored.

      WoW PvP FAQ

      What class should I play?

      There is no difference. The main point of the game is the game itself. Just choose any you like and enjoy your time.

      What rating is Gladiator?

      Gladiator title is awarded to players who hit 2400+ and win 50 games above that rating.

      How long does it take to complete my order?

        Delivery time varies due to order conditions. Check out the description of the particular offer to find out more.

      I have a very specific WoW PvP order. What should I do?

        Contact our managers, and they will help you with that.