Winning Rated Battlegrounds requires a high level of coordination, team play, and a strong lead. Buy RBG Wins from a Hero level teams at Overgear and get a high rating, related titles, and achievements, gear rewards and raise your Honor level to get a higher prestige. You can buy any amount of Rated Battlegrounds wins and get it done in a short time!

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    Rated Battleground (RBG) – is a team-oriented competitive battle, that requires advanced tactics, high level of coordination with your team of 10 players, experienced leading and individual skills. Finding an efficient group can be a challenging task, but teams at Overgear are ready to step in and save you the trouble. Buying a chosen amount of RBG Wins will get you all the related rewards, including: Vicious Saddle for a 40 RBG wins, which can be turned to vendors in Stormwind and Orgrimmar for a unique faction-related mount; Honor points to get extra Honor levels and prestige rewards, such as pets, titles and Prestigious mounts; Guaranteed gear rewards for Conquest points and random gear rewards at the end of RBG match. Item level of the gear rewards is based on your highest rating on the bracket in which you won at least one game during a week; Azerite to power up your Heart of Azeroth artifact.