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Conquest Points system has been re-introduced in Battle for Azeroth. Earning a fixed amount of Conquest Points will weekly reward you with a piece of raid-quality gear. Contact sellers at Overgear, get a weekly RBG cap boost and collect PvP gear. Raise your Honor levels for prestige rewards such as unique pets, mounts, and titles. Getting RBG ratings will also reward you with related PvP titles.

Get top PvP gear up to 430+

Clear service without any cheats, bots or programs

Get gear, honor levels and conquest points

  • Weekly cap of Conqueror Points accomplished without losing any ratings
  • Honor levels and honor rewards such as Prestigious mounts
  • Items with item level based on your current rating from 430 to 475
  • VPN established for your country and city in case of account sharing
  • Selfplay option available - play character yourself


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Rated Battleground (RBG) – is a team-oriented competitive battle, that requires advanced tactics, high level of coordination with your team of 10 players, experienced leading and individual skills. Finding an efficient group can be a challenging task, but teams at Overgear are ready to step in and save you the trouble. Boosting Weekly cap of Conquest Points will reward you with a weekly piece of gear of item level competitive with raid gear. Item level of the weekly piece will be based on the highest rating on the bracket in which you won at least one game during a week. Power up your character with the best gear! Raise your Honor levels to get prestige rewards, including mounts, pets, and titles. Winning 40 RBG matches will reward you with a Vicious Saddle, which can be traded for any of faction-related unique mounts. Finally, earning RBG ratings will reward you with the related achievements and titles up to Grand Marshal for the Alliance or High Warlord for the Horde.