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    The arena is competitive and the ultimate tool of battle – no flag to capture, no fortress to hide behind. A trial by combat to the death, where only one of the opposing teams will emerge victorious! In the Battle for Azeroth expansion, rated PvP received some changes in terms of ratings and rank tiers. Upon reaching certain rating numbers, players will be put in brackets starting at Combatant and with a Gladiator on top. These rating brackets will have visible icons in the game interface. With a 2v2 arena boost service provided by our sellers, you will be on the winning side. Buy an arena boost and get your chosen rating, PvP gear rewards, elite gear and achievements for certain ratings. The higher ratings reward, the higher level gear. In BFA, fighting in 2v2 now counts towards earning Vicious mounts! You can contact gladiator level players and make your way to the top of the ladders, complete daily and weekly PvP objectives in the 2v2 tab, raise your honor level, and earn Conquest Points!