A Vicious Saddle is a token item that can be earned by winning 100 3v3 Arena matches or 40 Rated Battlegrounds every PvP season. In Battle for Azeroth, winning 2v2 matches now also counts towards progression. Vicious Saddle is used to purchase one of the unique faction-specific mounts, one mount for one character. You can buy a Vicious Saddle carry service and ride your combat mount into the battle!

Get PvP gear and Artifact power

Buy new Vicious BfA mounts

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  • Vicious saddle transforms into one of many PvP mounts of your choice
  • Honor levels and honor rewards in form of Prestigious mounts
  • Gear with item level based on your current rating from 340+ to 385+
  • VPN established for your country and city in case of account sharing
  • Selfplay option available - play character yourself
  • Clear service without any cheats, bots or programs

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Ordinarily, it is hard for many PvE players to adapt for PvP content, or they just don't have time for it as they save Azeroth from the enemy legions. But, the mounts are unique, beautiful and amazingly detailed! We know how hard it can be to find good company to play arena or rated battlegrounds with, which may feel discouraging as you're spending days and weeks trying to get that cherished mount. No more! Do not waste your precious time – contact our sellers, buy a Vicious Saddle carry and you will get: -A Vicious Saddle in your bag, which can be turned to a vendor in Orgrimmar or Stormwind for a unique mount of your choice; -Honor Points to progress towards Honor level rewards; -An Arena or RBG rating and gear rewards – its gonna be easier to climb up the ladder after a Vicious Saddle boost as you will get a higher rating and will be able to find a decent group; -Conquest points to get a weekly gear reward. May this combat mount serve you well in the battles to come, and do not forget to feed him!