Hero of Shattrath

      Hero of Shattrath is an achievement that was in the game since achievements had become a thing in WoW. The requirements are simple: gain exalted with Aldor and Scryer at the same time. Sounds simple, but here is the problem: doing favors for one faction makes the other one hate you. There is a way to do it properly, but it is a very long journey!

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Back in the days of The Burning Crusade players had to decide which of two Shattrath factions to join. Both of them had several bonuses, so the most dedicated players wanted to have the both groups on their side. How exactly one can do this achievement?

Ways of doing it:

Hated - Neutral: Dreadfang Venom Sac / Dampscale Basilisk Eye x1344 (x1224 Human)

Neutral - Honored: Mark of Kil'Jaeden / Firewing Signet x360 (x328 Human)

Honored - Exalted: Mark of Sargeras / Sunfury Signet x1320 (x1200 Human)

Honored - Exalted: Fel Armament / Arcane Tome x95 (x86 Human)*

The most difficult part is to become neutral with the opposite faction. No need to imagine how much time you will spend farming the Dreadfang Venom Sac or Dampscale Basilisk Eye. Fortunately, there is always another way, because you are on Overgear!

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Hero of Shattrath