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Looking for the fastest way to get lvl 120? Freehold Boost is the best option you may find. 3 hours of pure madness in Freehold with very geared tank and here you are - level 120 is yours. Choose a seller you would like to join to on this journey to the level cap. Boosting never was that easy.

Safe&Fast boost in less than 3 hours

A lot of Azerite that increases the power of Heart of Azeroth

Selfplay option available, don't share your account

  • Boost through Freehold Dungeon with top geared boosters
  • 120 level in less than 3 hours
  • Level boost for your Heart of Azeroth which increase item level of Artifact


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There are so many different ways to level up your character. Questing is most common choice because it is most reliable and consistent. But it never was the fastest way and everyone knows that time is money. The faster you will get the 120 - the faster you will enjoy all interesting stuff, such as raids, mythic+, and PvP fun. You are just 3 hours away from a maximum level. By choosing this boost you will receive not just a high level for your character, but some good loot that will help you a little after reaching lvl 120. But the loot isn’t your main aim right now; it is not difficult to get it from mythic+ or raids. The only disadvantage of leveling this way - you don’t explore world with its fast travels and lack of reputation. But who cares in the end, it can be easily recovered at level 120. So are you intrigued already? Choose a seller you like the most and fasten your seatbelts, because this leveling will be fast enough. Especially if you have the heirlooms stuff, 118+ item with socket for 5% exp gain gem, and some Draught of Ten Lands potions for extra 10% exp bonus. We’ll see you at a high level.