The BFA reputation boost service will make your character exalted with the new factions featured in the expansion. Gaining reputation is a boring process, yet it allows you to buy very useful profession recipes, toys, pieces of gear, pets, mounts and other unique rewards from faction vendors. Decide how fast you want to max your reputation, choose one of our sellers and become exalted with any of the new factions!

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    As the Alliance and the Horde continue to wage war, each faction is looking for allies. The Alliance and the Proudmoore Admiralty, a mighty navy faction, join forces once again to face upcoming challenges together. Storm's Wake, Order of Embers and a 7th Legion, will fight for the Alliance, while the Horde turns its gaze to Zandalari Empire, an ancient troll empire with a powerful armada. Talanji's Expedition, Voldunai, and The Honorbound are the main Horde's forces in the conflict. Champions of Azeroth and Tortollan Seekers are two neutral factions. Boosting reputation with Champions will give your Heart of Azeroth 15 item levels for each reputation level. Every faction has an emissary that sells unique mounts, pets, recipes and 355 gear. Gaining exalted with the faction counts towards achievements such as Pathfinder which will allow you to fly in the new zones later in the expansion. Buy a BFA reputation boost service from our trusted sellers and collect all the rewards!