1-60 Shadowlands Power leveling

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    Buy Powerleveling for your character to get a character of the desired level as fast as it's possible. A fully customizable offer makes it easy to get exactly what you need!

    Check the Execution options below which can decrease completion time up to 25% or even 50%. Also, note that we don't use any third-side soft to decrease the completion time. Our professional players follow the best routes relying on their knowledge and skills.

    Nevertheless, lvl 60 isn't the last objective players aim for. We can help you to access all the necessary end-game activities, as well as gear up your character with the least required item level for convenient gameplay. Powerleveling boost is the best way to dive into the actual content avoiding that tedious grinding part.


    • Desired lvl of your character;
    • All gold, useful items, and resources, which your character will get during the leveling.


      In most cases, we complete character boost orders in a few days, but you might want to modify the order:

      • Normal — available boosters will work on a first-come, first-served basis;
      • 25% Faster — a separate and always free team will complete the order;
      • 50% Faster — most experienced in leveling team will start order completion immediately. Your character will be their first priority, so the order will be finished as fast as it's possible.


  • SotFO campaign - completion of Secrets of the First Ones storyline;
  • Covenant campaign - finish the first Shadowlands storyline and grab your rewards. In addition that will increase your character's Renown level;
  • Mythic Dungeons - our boosters will complete 8/8 SL dungeons for you in Mythic +0 difficulty. There is a chance to get ilvl 262 gear.
  • Active WOW subscription.
  • We form a priority list based on the execution speed and time when the order was placed;
  • We'll contact you in the live chat or via email. Ask any questions;
  • We’ll discuss the execution schedule beforehand and find the booster who fits it the best way;
  • The booster will pilot your character during order completion;
  • Order will be completed during one session with the multiple dungeon runs;
  • If it's your first character on account you'll get different storylines progress and achievements too;
  • All valuable loot and gold our booster obtain during leveling will be yours;
  • We will notify you about order completion;
  • Enjoy the results! And do not forget to rate us on Trustpilot.


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How do you level up fast in Shadowlands?

In the last expansion, leveling was fully reworked. You can choose in which zones to level up your character on 1-50 levels, and get the 60 level in Shadowlands storylines. But the best way to level up fast in Shadowlands is steel dungeons spamming.

How long does it take to level in WoW Shadowlands?

It depends on the way you choose. For example, with the help of leveling through quests in Outland, you can reach 50 level in 24 hours. Shadowlands storyline can take about 10-12 hours. In dungeons, you can reach the maximum level even faster.

Do I need Shadowlands to get to level 60?

No, you can complete dungeons, battlegrounds, pet battles, etc. But you won't start Shadowlands storyline at all.

What level should I start Shadowlands?

When you reach 50 level, your character should get Shadowlands: A Chilling Summons quest. That's how your adventure starts.

Should you start Shadowlands at level 48?

On this level you can't do the main quest and only can try to complete some side quest or kill the mobs. If you prefer grinding, you can try, but it will be a not-so-easy task because of item level.

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