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    Kalimdor Cup Boost

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    Buy Kalimdor Cup boost from Overgear to easily complete this time-limited event and get unique rewards! Don't miss the rare chance to fly on Dragonriding mounts across the Old World locations and enhance your collection with new Dragoriding manuscripts, racing-related transmog set, title, and meta-achievement with our Kalimdor Cup carry.

    Note: if you already have some progress in DF Racing, let us know via live chat so we can adjust the final price.

    What you will get
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    • Dragonriding full progress — this is necessary to fully complete the race. We'll collect all 64 Dragon Glyphs for you to unlock all Dragonriding talents.
    • 70 level character;
    • Dragonriding full progress.
    • We'll contact you in the live chat or via email. Please ask any questions;
    • We’ll discuss the execution schedule of Dragon Racing Completionist meta-achievement completion beforehand and find the booster who fits it the best way;
    • The booster will pilot your character during order completion, or you can choose Remote Control if you don't want to share your account with our boost;
    • At the appointed time, we'll start order execution;
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    • All Riders of Azeroth Badge we'll get during order completion will wait until you spend them;
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    Kalimdor Cup carry

    Kalimdor Cup is a unique time-limited event during which players can ride the Dragonriding mounts in the part of Old World. Of course, players aren't able to summon dragons at any coveted point of Kalimdor, but everybody can try to complete 16 races in the points from the list below:

    • Ahn'Qiraj Circuit in Silithus
    • Ashenvale Ambit in Ashenvale
    • Barrens Divide Dive in Southern Barrens
    • Desolace Drift in Desolace
    • Durotar Tour in Durotar
    • Fel Flyover in Felwood
    • Feralas Ruins Ramble in Feralas
    • Hyjal Hotfoot in Mount Hyjal
    • Nordrassil Spiral in Mount Hyjal
    • Razorfen Roundabout in Southern Barrens
    • Rocketway Ride in Azshara
    • Thousand Needles Thread in Thousand Needles
    • Uldum Tour in Uldum
    • Un'Goro Crater Circuit in Un'Goro Crater
    • Webwinder Weave in Stonetalon Mountains
    • Winter Wander in Winterspring

    Kalimdor Cup rewards

    To fully complete Kalimdor Cup, you need to complete 16 races in the difficulties. After that, you will get:

    • Kalimdor Racing Completionist: Gold meta-achievement;
    • Kalimdor Racer title;
    • x144 Riders of Azeroth Badge to buy transmog and Dragonriding manuscripts from event vendors.

    When is the Kalimdor Cup?

    You can get access to the Kalimdor Cup from August 15th to August 28th.

    Expires Soon
    Kalimdor Cup Dragonriding Event
    4 hours Order completion