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    WoW Gold

    WoW Gold in Dragonflight is still the most important currency, which provides you with a lot of opportunities. For Gold, you can buy mounts, pets, transmog items, and, what is more important, consumables for any content, and even Mythic raid gear.

    Overgear can provide you with any amount of Gold you need. In most cases, delivery time is less than 15 minutes, but it depends on the server and can vary. Player-to-player trades without any intermediaries don't take much of your time, so you can get Gold almost doesn't stop your daily WoW routine.

    Note: Don't give your gold back to anybody. Nobody but scammers would ask you to do that. If these rules are not followed, you assume all risks.
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    WoW Gold FAQ

    How does it work?

    • Before buying WoW gold, we advise you to send a message to a seller and clarify all details and discuss a delivery method;
    • Place an order;
    • Receive your gold via the discussed method;
    • Enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our level of services on Trustpilot.

    Why is gold so important?

    WoW has been a unique world since 2004, where life has its system including economy and currency which is gold. This shiny and ringing currency is always in demand. Dragonflight doesn’t have big gold sink items, however:

    • Usually, WoW consumables are very expensive. That includes potions, flasks, enhancements, armour kits, and other stuff;
    • BoE items from raids are always expensive and very useful for progressions as for mid-tier to gear up alts faster;
    • Crafting items from the new profession system, that can be even Mythic raids item levels;
    • Some new mounts can be bought for gold as well as old ones, but they are way more expensive;
    • WoW has a lot of unique items for transmogrification that you can buy at the auction house;
    • Levelling professions is way easier right in front of the auction house. And, with Overgear, WoW gold for sale it will be pleasant to level up.

    Why Overgear?

      • Quick response;
      • Fast trade - less than 15 minutes in most cases;
      • Only reliable sources of gold;
      • Eternal stocks of WoW gold for sale;
      • Every WoW realm and each faction;
      • Every step is transparent;
      • Your gold trader won’t get the money until your confirmation.

    Safety regulations

      • Do not communicate with the seller in-game;
      • Don't give your gold back to anybody. Nobody but scammers would ask you to do that. If these rules are not followed, you assume all risks.
      • Keep in mind! After receiving gold, it belongs to you and only to you. Neither the site representatives nor the sellers are responsible for your actions with your gold.

    About our gold

    All of our gold is farmed by real players, and the delivery time is less than 15 minutes. Trader won't be paid until you confirm the trade. Gold is a key to accessing many types of content. You can buy necessary things such as food, potions, flasks, BoE gear, gems, and lots of other useful stuff. And of course, with gold, you can treat yourself with a new mount or even buy a playing time in WoW, also known as WoW Token. And if you are looking for wow gold for sale you are at the right place. Overgear is the best place where you can find tons of gold for sale on each realm for any faction.