Mythic+ Dungeons are really tough for WoW players. Our boosters can run any dungeon for you. In the end, your character will have very powerful gear. Overgear is the best way to complete all dungeons in different difficulties.

Get max possible weekly 252 ilvl reward
Up to 236 ilvl Gear from the last boss
Add traders and get more guaranteed loot

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    Chat with the booster before paying and specify order details


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    Wait for the booster to finish your order


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    Chat with boosters directly before you place an order


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    Our own arbitrage system to solve problematic situations

    What is Overgear? This is a platform for gamers who would like to save their time and get the rewards they want. Dungeon content at the mythic difficulty in wow is a bit complicated for non-geared players, but can be done quickly with well-geared pro players. Also, it is very difficult to get into a dungeon group at LFG because of RIO requirements or class and spec preferences. To avoid all those troubles we provide a mythic keystone boost service. Experienced boosters will make your WoW life easier.

    WoW Shadowlands mythic dungeons have lots of offers for boost.

    • Self play or account sharing, mythic plus for Mythic Score
    • simple dungeon boost for Glory of the Shadowlands Hero
    • mythic + carry for 236 dungeon gear
    • wow mythic carry for weekly great vault rewards of 252 ilvl gear
    • 2000+ Mythic Score for the Seasonal achievement

    Everything is possible with Overgear wow mythic carry. Let us know in a chat what you need. We can find boosters with a specific mythic keystone for you or we can use your keystone and upgrade it in several mythic dungeons to the level you need.

    Order wow mythic professional carry self play and feel totally safe. “Why?” you can ask. Because there is nothing you do against the game rules - you are playing your character at your computer. All you do is a mythic dungeon and get the loot in the end. For account sharing, it is a bit more complicated but still, we are able to minimize the risks during the mythic carry service and that is why:

    • Our boosters use the best VPN with the closest location of your’s
    • Boosters use a tricky software for carry that generates a unique signature of the hardware that never used twice
    • All these programs don’t violate the game rules
    Why Overgear?
    • We work with the strongest mythic plus teams in both US and EU regions
    • 99% of dungeon services will be done in ~40 minutes
    • You can buy up to 4 loot traders for a Mythic key. 3 if your armor type is cloth or mail
    • Quick response to your request
    • Start of your service within 30 minutes
    • No cheating
    • Every step is transparent
    • Your wow booster won’t get the money until your confirmation
    • 60 lvl character on a WoW Shadowlands account.

    How it works
    • Place an order
    • We'll contact you in the live chat or by email. All details would be clarified with you and the start time of Mythic key or dungeon would be confirmed
    • Discord chat will be created so that you could track the progress of your wow mythic boost
    • We’ll find you a booster who fits in your schedule the best
    • Demand a stream of your run, if needed
    • If guarantees of a mythic 15 boost in time were not completed, we will provide an extra wow mythic 15 carry for you in-time.
    • Enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our services on Overgear and Trustpilot
    Self Play option
    • At the appointed time, you will get an invitation in the game and summon to the mythic dungeon
    • During the mythic keystone you can play with your boosters and do mechanics or just follow the group - it is up to you. The main things are - never pull extra packs that can ruin your mythic key boost and don't stay AFK!
    • Keep in mind, if you bought loot traders, they will give you the loot at the end of mythic boost.

    WoW Mythic 5ppl content is a good source of gear that is easy to get with Overgear boost. Each Shadowlands WoW dungeon has something to offer for your character to get better: specific trinkets, weapons, and other stuff. Great vault will reward you with 252 ilvl gear of WoW mythic raid.

    • Can I play myself?
    • Yes, choose a self play option order options


    • Can you boost my keystone?
    • Yes, let us know in the chat about it


    • I need a specific wow mythic key. Am I able to pick one?
    • Yes, you are. You can pick a needed key from the options


    • How long does it take to complete my order?
    • Looking for a team takes up to 30 minutes. Each dungeon has its own timer. Usually, it takes up to 42 minutes (example: De other side)


    • Is it possible to have more loot from a single keystone?
    • Yes, add loot traders from the options


    • Do you provide the Timewalking boost?
    • Yes, we do. But it is able to do only when this activity is available in the game.


    • I have a very specific wow mythic order or I would like to have a complex order. What should I do?
    • Message us, our manager will help you with everything

    Why M+ is so difficult to do on my own?

    There are several reasons. First of all, gear. LFG players always want to invite the most geared players. The second thing is the RIO score or added in 9.1 in-game Mythic Score. If you don’t have enough score on their opinion they will decline you instantly. The thing is — pugs always want to invite players that have more score than themselves. The third is meta classes and specs. Random players always want to combine gear, mythic score, and valuable classes for their run. We can’t accuse them of doing something wrong cause everyone wants to make life easier but no one usually considers the fact that, even with no meta specs, you can complete each key in-time if you have experience. That is why regular players are looking for their weekly key in LFG for so long. Overgear wants to give you an opportunity to save your time with our services. Not to spend hours in queues and even more while trying to complete the wow mythic for a specific loot or even simply a weekly reward.

    There is more!

    • Get the Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Two achievement. With it, you’ll be able to improve your mythic plus gear to 236 ilvl. To do so you need to complete the keystones until reaching 2000 Mythic Score! Our WoW mythic boost teams will gladly carry you for this meta achievement.
    • Weekly bundle that contains full clear of the heroic raid, one M +15, and weekly torghast for soul ash and soul cinders. Very useful if you want to save a lot of time and finish all your weekly stuff in a single purchase with a huge discount.
    • Timewalking dungeons if the event presents in the game. As a reward, you will get loot from the normal raid, timewalking currency, and a chance to loot a rare mount called Infinite Timereaver