Let us introduce you the Operation: Mechagon - the biggest 5ppl dungeon in the Battle for Azeroth. Here you can buy a full run, hardmode included. 8 bosses with tons of special loot and unique Essences for Heart of Azeroth. Just choose the offer that suits you the most and let’s break some machines at this Megadungeon together.

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Did you miss instances such as Karazhan in Legion? Here it is - Operation: Mechagon. This instance will be the biggest 5ppl dungeon in Battle for Azeroth expansion. That’s why it called as Megadungeon. It also will be split into 2 parts, like it was in Karazhan. There is also will be a hardmode with some extra rewards. The most important general thing that drops here - the essence Vision of Perfection. It allows you to activate your spec burst ability for 35% of its usual duration. Very impressive, isn’t it? A huge amount of loot and 2 mounts are here - in Operation: Mechagon. Come and take everything you can carry.