Khan Title

          Khan Title is rewarded for the completion of an in-game achievement Khan. This is a massive meta-achievement that requires you to become a master of 5 different battlegrounds, which were released since the launch of Cataclysm.

          You can buy your Khan Title carry on Overgear, no matter which faction you play. We’ll do all 53 achievements on Battle of Gilneas, Twin Peaks, Temple of Kotmogu, Isle of Conquest, and Silvershard Mines battlegrounds. 

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PvP achievements are the most difficult ones for most of the players. If you wish to do the meta-achievements on the battlegrounds, we assure you that you will find a lot of them to be very tough. The main thing about them is that you are dependent on the other players of your team and, in a way, on the enemy team. These factors complicate the process a lot. If you want to get Khan title – there is a long road waiting for you ahead:

  • Become master of the Battle of Gilneas

  • Complete the Twin Peaks achievements

  • The same thing with the Temple of Kotmogu

  • And with the Isle of Conquest

  • Don’t forget about the Silvershard Mines!

In total, we have 53 achievements and 5 meta achievements across all battlegrounds standing between you and your goal. Complete all of them, and you will finally get your reward – Khan Title.

Have you imagined already how much time and nerves you will have to put on this title? What other options are there?

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Khan Title