Classic Vanilla Gold

WoW: Classic Era Gold on any realm - stock on every server, available 24/7 for you. Click the menu on the right to select the server you play on. Delivery time usually takes ~5-7 days with some rare exceptions which depend on the server and the size of the order. Adjust the slider or write the desired amount. Our traders have over 9 years of gold trading experience and most of the time our customers avoid any ban waves.

TRADE ADVICE:- Make sure to write us in website chat after making the payment to clarify all details.- DO NOT CONTACT SELLERS IN-GAME! Blizzard attentively monitors chats

Attention! A lot of scammers are active in the game. Do not give gold back, even if you think that the seller himself is asking you.

Due to low population on most of the servers the delivery time might take up to 7 days

How it Works?

Finish the payment and our manager will contact you in 15 minutes
Choose the suitable gold delivery time and method
The Gold will be traded to you in-game. Make sure to check Discord

Overgear offers you the best options to save your own time and nerves – entrust the leveling and raid attunements to Molten Core, Onyxia’s Lair and Blackwing Lair to us. Our services give you an opportunity to get the leveling and attunement in a single purchase.

If you need to add something more – just let us know in the chat and we will create a custom offer.

Classic Vanilla Gold