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      "World of Warcraft Classic is full of different and very unique activities, and professions take one of the leading parts in them. There are three types of professions - crafting, gathering and secondary skills. Leatherworking is one of the crafting professions and even if it isn't as popular as Engineering or Alchemy, for example, it still , Leatherworking is the art of crafting gear made from - you guessed it - leather material. It is often paired with Skinning as the two professions have a wonderful synergy. Although leather is in the name, you can craft a variety of items using Leatherworking, such as Core Armor Kit, Onyxia Scale Cloak, and even Mail gear such as Blue Dragonscale Leggings. Additionally, Leatherworking can branch off into 3 specializations: classic Leatherworking boost, wow classic Leatherworking power leveling, buy wow classic Leatherworking power leveling, wow classic Leatherworking 1 300 boost,"