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      Alchemy is the most essential profession in the World of Warcraft Classic. It is used practically everywhere; in the Raids, in the Dungeons, in the PvP activities, while leveling your character. Flasks, potions and other useful consumables made by alchemysts are expencive and cost a lot at the Auction House, usually. The majority of materials must be either gathered by yourself, or be bought at the Auction House as well. Apart from all this, the Alchemy recipes are very difficult to get - usually you need to have an Exalted reputation status with this or that faction to buy them. On the whole we must state, that WoW Classic alchemy leveling is very tough, requires lots of time, money and effort. Lackily, Overgear knows how to help you. Use WoW Classic alchemy 1 300 boost or WoW Classic alchemy power leveling services, check all the nuances with the seller, and be ready to craft the most important and expensive items for your friends and yourself. Classic alchemy boost from Overgear is the shortest way to succsess.