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1-60 Leveling + 2 Profession Skills

WoW Classic leveling to 60 is a long journey that can’t be avoided on your way to high-end content. And if you decide to level up your professions along the way, it can take forever. That is why Overgear has created this special pack with leveling to 60 and 2 professions coming along. Classic WoW leveling can become a smooth run to your goal with our boosting services. From 2 to 4 weeks you are free to do whatever you really want to, while we take care of exhausting leveling. And as a result, the ranks of 60 level characters will get a new member.

What do we know about leveling in Classic?

● It is a long journey – from 3 to 4 weeks of gaming evenings

● It is hard. Mobs hit hard

● It is slow because there are no flying mounts or even 100% mounts. Not every player can afford even a 60% mount!

What options do you have? How to save your time, nerves and get the best results in a short time? All answers are here - on Overgear.

How's it gonna be if you decide to use Overgear services?

● Choose all the additional options you need

● Contact us in chat

● We’ll find you a booster who fits in your schedule the best 

● Give your account data to correctly share your account 

● Demand a stream of your Power leveling, if needed

● Enjoy the results!

● Don’t forget to rate our services on Overgear and Trustpilot 

So now you can clearly see all the advantages and disadvantages of leveling by yourself. We are honest with you in our services. The experience you will have with our services will be only positive. We know how to provide services in all versions of WoW on the highest level. 

If you still have questions about the services, how we provide them, or if you would like to add some special things to your order - contact us in chat and we’ll create a custom one for you!

You will get
Overgear provides the best services in World of Warcraft and WoW Classic
We have lots of boosters with a flexible schedule that can be tuned for your comfort
Additional bonuses in bundles such as 2 professions at level 300
Why Overgear?
We're checking with the Market Prices every day to provide you the best offer
Your payment goes to the booster only when you confirm the service completion and leave your feedback
Saving your time is our priority. We're going fast and always ready to start on short notice
Our manager will answer all your questions and will be available at any moment
All players pass an interview to confirm their skills and verify their passport ID
No one will ever work on Overgear with cheats or bots. No exceptions!

Leveling in WoW Classic is a real challenge. Challenge of your patience, the general experience of WoW, and of your time management abilities. It isn’t easy to succeed in all of these points at the same time without bored. WoW Classic leveling usually takes about 3-4 weeks of daily gameplay each evening. Overgear offers you a service of power leveling in WoW classic from 1 to 60 level with 2 profession-skills raised up to 300 in a single purchase. One crafting profession and the second one will be the gathering, both of your choice. Get your 1-60 Leveling + 2 Profession Skills on Overgear at the lowest price. If you have some questions, contact us in the chat at any time, we’re here 24/7.

Average time to start ~22 min