1-60 Dungeon Leveling

This type of leveling is up to 3 times faster than the regular one. This is the only leveling option you can get as Selfplay. You won't find this service anywhere outside Overgear.com. Read the text below for details!

Dungeon Leveling is done via dungeons, as the name shows. Regular leveling simply can't match it in terms of the value per hour. There are a few huge advantages to it:


  1. It is very fast. The exp gain from dungeons is enormous and you don't waste your time running from one point to another. Just grind!
  2. It gives you a lot of loot. By the way, you'll get ALL THE LOOT that will drop. We'll leave it at your second "bank" character since your bags won't carry everything. You can decide to equip some of these items or just sell them on the AH. Some of these can be Pre-Raid BiS gear and will be extremely useful or expensive.
  3. Lots of gold! The rough gold + what you'll make by selling items.

So, when the boost is over, your character has the desired level, great equipment, and lots of gold. Ow, and we'll get you the 60% mount if your leveling includes getting to level 40 as a bonus.


  • 10-15: Deadmines/Ragefire Chasm
  • 15-20: Stocks/Wailing Caverns/SFK
  • 20-30: Scarlett Monastery
  • 30-50: Maraudon
  • 50-60: Zul'Gurub


  • Active WoW subscription and a created character
  • (SELFPLAY) Having a Discord App will be nice :) It's the best way to communicate with your booster and a must-have thing for almost any online game


  • Less than 24 hours


  • Depends on your leveling gap
  • 1-60 will take ~7-10 days


  • The desired level on your character
  • Lots of dungeons completed which will result in a good gold profit and tons of loot in your bags
  • Great dungeon gear on your character for the desired level
  • If your leveling includes getting to lvl 40, we'll purchase a 60% mount for you


  • Place an order
  • We'll contact you in the live chat or by email. All details would be clarified with you and the start time of the order would be confirmed
  • Discord chat will be created so that you could track the progress of your order
  • We’ll find you a booster who fits in your schedule the best
  • (SELFPLAY) At the appointed time, you'll get a group invitation from your booster
  • Demand a stream of your boost, if needed
  • Enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our services on Overgear and Trustpilot

If you still have some questions or want some unusual options for your leveling - feel free to text us! Even at 3:00 AM :) We're 24/7 online!

The fastest possible leveling in Classic
Tons of dungeon loot to equip or sell
Selfplay option is available
Why Overgear?
We're checking with the Market Prices every day to provide you the best offer
Your payment goes to the booster only when you confirm the service completion and leave your feedback
Saving your time is our priority. We're going fast and always ready to start on short notice
Our manager will answer all your questions and will be available at any moment
All players pass an interview to confirm their skills and verify their passport ID
No one will ever work on Overgear with cheats or bots. No exceptions!

Even the mere thought of leveling in classic wow makes you bored, especially when it's not your first character? Well, Overgear has a smooth solution on how to cheese the process and make leveling fast, cheap and with some additional bonuses. How about 1-60 power leveling and a 60% mount in a single bundle? There, we have it! Buy 1-60 leveling + Mount 60% and avoid this boring and annoying process with Overgear. Contact us in chat for more details, we are available 24/7

1-60 Dungeon Leveling
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