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Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker is the legendary one-hand sword once wielded by Thunderaan, Prince of Air, son of Al'Akir. This legendary weapon is the culmination of a challenging and very expensive classic Thunderfury questline, that involves farming two Molten Core bosses for items with a very low chance of drop, gathering many resources and killing a summoned boss in the finale. To get Thunderfury legendary sword you can contact boosters at Overgear, seal the deal and wait to become a wielder of the famous weapon!

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    Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker is the legendary sword once wielded by Thunderaan, Prince of Air. The prince, son of Al'Akir. This weapon is the final reward of a challenging and very expensive questline, which can be started by a hunter, paladin, rogue, or warrior. Classic Thunderfury questline begins when you loot one half of the Binding, which drop off Baron Geddon and Garr in Molten Core with a ~3% chances. To complete the questline you will have to farm these bosses and get both halves of the Bindings, buy or craft expensive Elementium Bars and kill Ragnaros to get his Essence. Finally, once all required items are gathered together, you will return in Silithus with a full raid group and fight Prince Thunderaan himself. Thunderfury has unique effects to deal bonus damage on hit and slow attack speed of the target. This mighty one-hand sword is considered as the BiS weapon for protection warriors up to the Burning Crusade. You can become a wielder of this iconic weapon – all you need to do is find the best offer at Overgear. Buy Classic Thunderfury directly from boosters and get one of the most famous and powerful items in the whole game, back from 2005 to these days!