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Complete any TBC Classic dungeon, get tons of experience, and bags full of loot! Overgear will save your time and money — our boost service has the best prices!

Dungeons in TBC Classic are nothing like dungeons in the retail WoW. You don't have the LFG system, you've got to look for other players via chat, you don't have any dungeon teleports - you've got to run to the dungeon once you've gathered the group. And imagine how sad will it be if this group will fall apart after the first wipe which will surely happen. You'll waste an hour or two of your life for nothing.

Don't put yourself through all this stuff, get a boost at Overgear, and complete any dungeon smoothly as butter.

Dungeons grant lots of exp, gear, gold, and more!
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      WoW TBC Classic Dungeon Boosting

      WoW TBC Classic Dungeons are much harder than the ones in the Retail WoW. TBC Classic has no LFG system where you can find a party in a few clicks. In order to go to the dungeon, you’ve got to complete the access quest in some cases, then you’ll have to find 4 people through the chat which can literally take an hour of time, and after that, all 5 of you have to get to the dungeon by your feet - summoning stones are not working in the WoW TBC Classic. Let’s just say that running dungeons in TBC is a tough challenge. But it’s a great way of getting tons of experience, gold, and loot, including BiS pre-raid gear. With all that time you can spend just to run a single dungeon, this may not seem like a good thing to do, but everything changes if you have a reliable team for it. That’s where boosting comes in.

      You can’t ignore the burning crusade dungeons in WoW TBC Classic. For instance, every dungeon has some quests that can reward you with key leveling items, like a weapon that you won’t change for the next 10 levels of your journey. And you don’t want to miss these quests, they also give a lot of experience and gold. Dungeon boost can also help you with completing some of your class quests. And probably the most valuable thing from the dungeons is the Best in Slot pre-raid gear. It’s scattered across different high-level dungeons and can have a really low drop chance, so getting a boost may help your gearing a bit even at a high level.

      Dungeon Boost Details

      Burning Crusade dungeon boosting is usually done by lvl 70 mages, that can pull lots of mobs at once and AoE them to death - simply the best method. Mages clear any dungeon very fast, even the high-level ones. The only difference is that high-level dungeons will require a tank and a healer since mobs won’t die that fast. What’s good about dungeon boosting is that you won’t have any troubles with the selfplay option - you’ll just be carried through the dungeon by our group.

      We are leaving all loot to you. All of it. That means that your bags will overflow, and in that case, we will send everything to your second character, so you can equip or sell these items later. With that, even 1 dungeon run can make your leveling much easier for the next few levels. This is the best way to ease your gameplay. In WoW gear makes a huge difference. And the gold you make from the dungeons is always very useful, you need a lot of it in TBC Classic.

      This method of WoW dungeon boosting is available only at Overgear. We’re always trying to make the best offers to our customers, and this one is what we’re really proud of. 


      There are no special requirements for dungeon boosting apart from the level requirement for the dungeon and not to be AFK if you’ve chosen selfplay.

      Are my account details safe with you?

      Your account is 100% safe with Overgear. We never use any cheats or bots to complete orders. We’re also setting up a VPN to your location. And even if something goes wrong - Overgear will give you full compensation.

      Do you use bots or scripts?

      No, we don’t. Every order is completed by the hands of real people.

      Who is completing orders?

      All of our players are experienced boosters. While your order is in the process, you always have a Discord chat with your booster.

      Can I choose boosting time?

      Yes, you can! You’re the one who’s setting the schedule.

      Do you allow refunds?

      If something goes wrong, which is an extremely rare situation, you can get a refund. But a refund is not the only option here.