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Leveled professions are a must-have for any end-game activity in WoW. You can get some BiS gear only by crafting. With high leveled profession you can earn a lot of gold. It can be a really long and annoying process to level all your professions for characters. So we are here to help you — buy a professions boost service on Overgear and we'll get it done in 5 days on any server.

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    Why should I care about professions in WoW TBC?

    You can have two main professions: crafting (tailoring, leatherworking, alchemy, blacksmithing, enchanting, engineering and jewelcrafting) and collecting (herbalism, mining, skinning) in TBC. All others are secondary. Secondary professions include cooking, fishing and first aid.

    Professions are useful for everyone. For example, you can heal yourself in raids with bandages that can be created with First aid. With cooking, you can create some food with positive effects.

    How tough is it to upgrade professions?

    There is a long and difficult way to level the profession up. You should spend a lot of time doing quests. That's why we are here! You can choose not only one but two or all professions at once and Overgear will help you to reach a maximum 375 level.

    How can I choose the profession in WoW The Burnin Crusade?

    Before the purchase, you should choose the right profession. But we are here to help you and you can read the material below to decide which one is the best for you:

    • Alchemy (375) - flasks, potions, elixirs;
    • Jewelcrafting (375) - New Profession in BC, that can grants you the possibility to craft gems, rings, necklaces;
    • Blacksmithing (375) - Plate and Mail Armor crafting;
    • Enchanting (375) - Must Have Profession, you can add stat bonuses to your and other players items, very useful for the gold farm;
    • Engineering (375) - A lot of different goods, you can craft Engineer glasses, most useful in PvP;
    • Herbalism (375) - Herbalism is very useful for Alchemy, resources for flasks, pots, elixirs;
    • Leatherworking (375) - Leather Armor crafting, armor pads;
    • Skinning (375) - Farm resources to leveling Leatherworking;
    • Tailoring (375) - Cloth Armor Crafting;

    Secondary Professions:

    • Cooking (375) - food with bonus stats for raiding, very useful for gold farm;
    • First Aid (375) - healing bandages, you can use it on you or your allies;
    • Fishing (375) - farm resources for Alchemy and Cooking;

    What is the completion time?

    The time it takes to complete the WoW TBC Profession Level Upgrade depends on the option you choose. So, the time for leveling a reputation is calculated individually and depends on several factors, for any questions you can contact our manager in the chat.

    Are there any special requirements?

    No, you still should have an active WoW subscription and 70 level of the character.