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Get Exalted at the desired reputation in ~2 weeks! Reputations in TBC Classic can provide many bonuses: Heroic Dungeons access, BiS gear, enchantments, profession patterns, mounts, and more, but going exalted by yourself is very long and painful. Leave this process to the professionals at Overgear. Available on any server.

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    Why should I care about my reputation?

    First of all, in The Burning Crusade, reputation plays a huge role in the game, and you have to grind it and level up just for receiving value rewards. Firstly, for reputation with some factions, it will be possible to buy some pre-raid equipment. Secondly, you can purchase important recipes for crafting professions and earn gold from them. Thirdly, you can improve equipment, for example, only from the Aldor and Scryers you can buy enchantments for shoulders (they have no analogues anywhere in the game). Fourthly, flights have been added to the game (the ability to move through the air on players' mounts), and accordingly, you can buy various mounts from some factions, pumping reputation with them.

    How can I farm reputation? Is it tough?

    Yes, it is. In most cases, farming WoW TBC Reputations comes down to long killing monsters or clearing various zones, which also gets boring pretty quickly. We provide you with the TBC Reputation Carry Service, by purchasing which you will receive the Exalted Reputation of your choice. You can choose the stage at which your desired reputation is currently located, thereby reducing the cost of the Burning Crusade Classic reputation enhancement service, if you have already raised it to a certain level.

    What Overgear can offer me?

    You can find any reputation from WoW TBC in Overgear:

    1. The Scryers and The Aldors reputation;
    2. The Ogri'la and Sha'tari Skyguard reputation of the second phase;
    3. The Sha'tar reputation;
    4. The Lower City, Cenarion Expedition reputation;
    5. The Consortium and Mag'har reputation.

    What can I get after buying except reputation?

    Of course, you will get an ordered reputation and also gold, equipment and other items that dropped out to you during the boost.

    How long will you boost your reputation?

    The time for carry service is calculated individually and depends on several factors: what kind of reputation you ordered and what stage you are at at the time of purchasing the service. To find out the exact time of increasing your reputation, please contact our manager.