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    Buy WotLK Twilight Vanquisher Title to complete the 25-man Obsidian Sanctum raid run, defeat Sartharion and get the unique title and mount.

    WotLK Twilight Vanquisher title is in the list of the most difficult to unlock titles in the game, as it is related directly to the completion of the Obsidian Sanctum raid in 25-man mode. You have not only to be skillful by yourself, but also to find a professional raiding team who will get you the achievement from the raid by defeating the boss with special conditions met during the run. This is why we offer you our WotLK Classic Twilight Vanquisher boost.

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    • 80 lvl character in Lich King Classic.


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    Wrath classic wotlk twilight vanquisher title faq

    How do you get the twilight vanquisher title?

    Upon completing “The Twilight Zone” achievement, you get this title and the Twilight Drake mount. The requirements for this achievement are pretty straightforward — you have to enter the Obsidian Sanctum raid on a 25-person difficulty and kill Sartharion, the Onyx Guardian - the main and only boss of the raid - without killing the Three Twilight Drakes scattered around the area.

    Watching WoW veterans getting this achievement in the retail version of WoW may make it appear trivial, as they’re able to power creep the hell out of the boss and kill Sartharion before either he or other mobs even get a chance to do something. But that impression would be very misleading. It’s one thing getting this title with an overleveled hero in the retail WoW — it’d be a completely different experience doing the same in WotLK Classic as a still-learning player.

    You won’t be one-shotting anyone going into the raid. Quite the contrary, your party can get easily wiped if you’re not careful. Sartharion has quite a few tricks up his scales, which demand careful preparation and planning before going into the fight. And the Twilight Drakes won’t make your life any easier, as you’d have to tolerate their attacks for the whole battle if you want to get the title.

    Luckily for you, our boosters are true professionals and WoW veterans. They know everything about Sartharion and how to counter everything he does. They know what composition to form, what strategy to use and what tricks to pull to guarantee the order completion and grant you the desired rewards in the most efficient way. Get the boost and become the Twilight Vanquisher asap!

    Twilight Vanquisher Title
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