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    Wotlk Time-Lost Proto-Drake Mount

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    Buy WotLK Time-Lost Proto-Drake to get one of the rarest flying mounts in the game by defeating unique world boss on the Storm Peaks.

    Time-Lost Proto-Drake is a mount that can take weeks to be unlocked for most of the players. It drops from an extremely rare world boss with the same name. Heroes can hunt this dragon for weeks without even seeing it. And even if you finally find this creature, you will have to deal with competition with other players who want this mount too. Buy WotLK Classic Time-Lost Proto-Drake and obtain this mount with ease and as quickly as possible


    • Time-Lost Proto-Drake flying mount unlocked;
    • Time-Lost Proto-Drake world boss found and defeated;
    • Chance to get extra loot from the boss.


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        • Live stream - monitor the progress of the WotLK Time-Lost Proto-Drake mount boost.
    • Character lvl 80 on the Lich King Classic account.


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    Effective boss farm
    Unique flying mount
    24/7 online support

    Lich King Classic Time-Lost Proto-Drake mount FAQ

    How do you get the Time-Lost Proto-Drake in WotLK?

    This mount is a 98% drop from a world boss of the same name that flies around Storm Peaks. There's 4 spawn points of Time-Lost Proto-Drake, each with individual flight paths. It's worth noting that the Drake always remains in the air, so most likely you'd have to fly up to it on the flying mount and attack right in the air or pull all the way down to the ground. Once you killed the boss, simply loot their body and you'll get your mount.

    How long to farm Time-Lost Proto-Drake?

    Just because this mount is a 98% drop, it'd be foolish to think that it's easy to get. The world boss Drake is always airborne and can put up quite a fight even once spotted. Worse than that, it shares spawn points with Vyragosa — another rare drake — and takes about 2-8 hours for a respawn. Plus, you'd have to deal with all the other players who'd similarly camp it.

    All in all, it can take days, if not weeks, to get this mount, even while working with a team of other players. Obviously, trying to do this alone lowers your chances even further.

    How rare is the Time-Lost Proto-Drake?

    The mount is almost surprisingly rare, with only about 11% of the players having it. Some players have been waiting years for their chance to get Time-Lost Proto-Drake and others simply gave up on the mount altogether. Having this mount is a mark of either extreme luck or true dedication.

    How do you do the Time-Lost Proto-Drake Hunt?

    There are 4 spawn points around Storm Peaks from where Time-Lost Proto-Drake appears, each with a unique flight path. You can fly around the general area of all four paths for a chance to spot the Drake, but considering how slim the chances are, it might be better to simply camp it near one of it's spawn points.

    If you're alone, it might be better to camp it near the Lake spawn point, as two other flight paths also intersect with the Lake, increasing your chances of spotting the Drake even if it spawns at another location. That being said, having the team of at least 4 players to camp all 4 spawn points is, of course, the best and most optimal way of huntind down the Time-Lost Proto-Drake.

    However, even with a dedicated team of players hunting by your side, you're still be waiting for hours just for a chance of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake spawning. And even if you managed to wait for a spawn, Vyragosa still has a higher chance to do so, leaving you no other choice but to wait again. As we already said, this process of waiting for hours near spawn points can last for many days before you get any results. Does this mount really worth wasting days of your WoW subscribtion freezing your ass off at Storm Peaks?

    But for Overgear, that is not the problem. The moment you buy WoW WotLK Classic Time-Lost Proto-Drake, you get a guarantee of an unlocked mount by the best boosters available. Spend your time on things you enjoy while we get the Time-Lost Proto-Drake for you!

    Time-Lost Proto-Drake
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