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    Buy WotLK reputations boost and achieve any level of reputation with any faction in the game as quickly as possible. Each faction has its own set of useful rewards, and some of them are crucial for endgame content. Our WotLK Classic reputations boost will help you to avoid boring and monotonous farm process and get your rewards directly.

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    WotLK Professions FAQ

    What are WotLK reputations?

    WoW Classic reputation systems became much more common in the past decade, with the increased amount of multiplayer and live-service games. If you're the type of person that managed to avoid these types of games — run! Run before you became the prisoner of daily logins, never-ending farming and Battle Passes!

    ...You're still here? Sigh, fine. Reputations are, well, your level of reputation with various factions present in the game. It can be positive and negative, depending on your actions and sometimes, even standing with other factions. Generally, you'd want to reach the max level of rep — Exalted — if just to get all the neat rewards the faction may offer you, though sometimes there can be other benefits to that.

    That being said, despite many advantages of high reputation, its an extremely grindy and monotonous process. Won't blame you for wanting to increase your rep, but do consider using one of our boosters — you'd be surprised how much time it'll save you. Our WoW Classic reputations boost will be your time-savior!

    All that being said, here's all the factions you'll encounter and will have the ability to change reputation with in Lich King Classic:

    How do you get reputation in WotLK?

    There are lot's of different ways to obtain reputation points in Warcraft Classic. You can kill mobs and bosses on the world map or in the dungeons and raids, complete factions' quests, or exchange reputation points for specific items.

    As this type of activity is considered to be one of the most annoying and boring, but also extremely important, it is a good idea to find a way to reach maximum reputation levels for necessary factions without loosing hours of your own free time.

    This is where Overgear comes to the scene offering you WotLK Classic reputations boosting service. We will help you to reach exalted with all available WotLK factions and unlock unique rewards, including pre-raid pieces of gear, mounts, designs and recipes. You will also unlock achievements related to reputation farming too!

    How many reputations are there in WotLK?

    There's 19 various factions with their own reputation to farm. All of them are available for Overgear's Wrath Classic Carry services.