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    Wotlk PvP Coaching

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    Buy WoW Wotlk Classic PvP Coaching and get hours of practice with the best PvP players of Overgear!

    If your goal in Lich King Classic is achieving the gladiator title yourself, then this offer is what you are looking for. In a nutshell, our boosters are time-checked professionals who can tell you everything about PvP. Buy WotLK PvP Arena coaching to:

    • Set up your personal UI;
    • Maximize the efficiency of your keybindings;
    • Get theoretical knowledge of your class;
    • Understand how to fight against particular classes;
    • Find out how to optimize your gear;
    • Get acquainted with PvP tricks and tips that most carry professionals use.
    What you will get
    • Chosen number of coaching hours;
    • Coaching by Gladiators of the last PvP season;
    • Unique PvP tips and tricks;
    • Effective gaming sessions;
    • Valuable experience for arena fights;
    • Chance to get 2100 or even 2400 rating on your own.

    Wotlk pvp coaching information

    Here you can read some additional information about WotLK PvP Coaching. If you still have any questions left you can always contact our managers as they are 24/7 online and ready to help you!

    Pvp coaching in wotlk faq

    Who will complete my order?

    Our coachers are professional players with decade of PvP experience from all over the world. We work only with time-tested boosters who has proved their skill and loyalty. You can always check out what other players think about our services on Trustpilot.

    What is pvp coaching for?

    PvP Coaching is all about becoming better. Our coachers will help you to set up your personal UI, keybinds, macroses and addons. They will also teach you some PvP tricks to improve your skill.

    What rating will i get?

    PvP Coaching is aimed not for boosting your rating but improving your general PvP gameplay and skill. You can check out our other Wrath Classic boosting services if all you need is a high rating, but the rating you get after these coaching sessions depends on you.

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