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    Wotlk Ice Mammoth Mount

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    Buy WotLK Classic Ice Mammoth Mount boost to complete the Sons of Hodir quest chain, raise your standing with their faction and get this epic mount into your collection!

    To get the Ice Mammoth, you need to reach the revered rank with the Sons of Hodir faction. Afterwards, you can buy it for 1000 gold from Lillehoff - a frost giant located at Dun Niffelem in the Storm Peaks. Now, completing the quest chain is a tricky, or rather time-consuming part, as it involves completing the factions’ lengthy quest line (36 individual missions) and a good bit of grinding afterwards.

    Everyone has their own preferences on how they like to play, but since you are looking for a boost, chances are you agree that your time may be better spent doing something else. Or at least, it means that you want this mount rather sooner than later. Well, buy Wotlk Ice Mammoth carry service and our boosters will farm all the necessary standing quickly and efficiently!


    • Ice Mammoth mount;
    • Revered reputation with the Sons of Hodir fraction;
    • The Sons of Hodir quest chain fully completed;
    • Ice Mammoth” achievement unlocked;
    • Experience, loot and other various rewards gathered in the process of boosting.


    Depending on what execution speed you choose, boost can be completed faster.

    • Normal - you get a basic place in an execution queue;
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        • Live Stream - get this option if you always dreamed of watching your character’s adventures without having to play as them.
        • Exalted Reputation - Revered means you’d be just a one step away from the highest rank with this faction, so perhaps you’d want us to make this final push to get all the best rewards they offer.
    • Character lvl 80 on the Lich King Classic account.


    • Select preferred options and place an order for the Wrath Classic Ice Mammoth Mount Carry;
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    • All the details will be discussed beforehand and the start time will be set according to your schedule in real life and Warcraft Classic;
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    Lich King Classic Ice Mammoth Mount Boosting service

    Honestly, completing the questline is the hardest thing in the process of Ice Mammoth’s acquisition, simply due to how lengthy it is. Sure, you’re left to pure grinding once it’s finished, but gaining enough reputation isn’t actually that hard when you know what exactly to do and have proper gear to do it.

    Still, we don’t consider pure grinding to be the proper source of “pride and accomplishment”, thus we’ll gladly take on this tedious part ourselves. However, we wish to recognise all the blood-soaked efforts our customers already made, thus we’ll take into account all the progress you’ve already made, such as greatly progressing through the Sons of Hodir Questline.

    No matter whether you’ve just encountered the snow giants or just need help in the final push towards revered reputation, Overgear is here to help. Buy WoW WotLK Classic Ice Mammoth Mount boost and let our boosters show what they’re capable of!

    Ice Mammoth
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