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    WotLK Hateful Gladiator Set

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    Buy Hateful Gladiator set and get one of the best PvP ready sets in the game. This battlegear consists of 5 parts and can be bought for Emblems of Valor, and our boosters will help you to get this set!

    Some sets of armor can be obtained relatively easy, others would require hours of your free time spend on farming special currencies. Hateful Gladiator set is one of such armors. It is a good-looking powerful set that will make your character much stronger in tough PvP battles. To obtain it, you have to farm Emblems of Heroism that are dropped for completing heroic dungeons and 10 people raids. Such runs can be difficult and exhausting, and this is why we are ready to help you with our WotLK Hateful Gladiator Set boost.



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    • Add off-set - obtain Furious wrist, neck, cloak and finger PvP gear that is not a part of the set.
    • I want Furious waist and boots - we will get you 1000 Arena Rating and enough honor points for purchse of these 2 parts
    • 80 level character in Lich King Classic.


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    How to get Hateful gear WotLK?

    Hateful Gear might not be the best PvP set in the game, but it’s arguably the best one you can get before venturing into PvP itself and an absolute must-have! Unlike most PvP gear, you can buy Hateful pieces with Emblems of Valor, which you get for killing the bosses of the Heroic Dungeons.

    Its power and relative accessibility for the PvE players make Hateful Set is what makes Hateful Set so great for players only starting with PvP. That being said, getting it still won’t be easy, as you’d have to grind some of the most challenging instances in the game for many hours before you’d have enough emblems to get the entire set.

    Where can I buy Hateful Gladiator’s gear?

    Several vendors sell pieces of this set. Still, first and foremost, we’re interested in Magistrix Lambriesse (Horde) and Arcanist Ivrenne (Alliance) as only they sell Savage Gladiator parts for Emblems of Valor. You’ll find them both in Dalaran, Sunreaver’s Sanctuary, and Silver Enclave, respectively. Once you’ve started fighting in the Arena, fighters of both factions can check on Zom Bocom in Dalaran’s Underbelly, but at this point, you’d be better off saving for even better sets.

    What Season is Hateful gladiator?

    Hateful Gladiator’s gear is the Season 6 Arena Set.

    Where can I buy PvP sets WotLK?

    • Deadly Gladiator items are sold by Lieutenant Tristia, Stormwind City and Doris Volanthius, Orgrimmar.
    • Savage Gladiator items are sold by Knight-Lieutenant Moonstrike, Stormwind City and Blood Guard Zar’shi, Orgrimmar, as well as aforementioned Dalaran vendors that sell it for Emblems of Heroism.
    • Hateful Gladiator items are sold by Captain Dirgehammer, Stormwind City and Sergeant Thunderhorn, Orgrimmar
    • PvP-focused Jewelcrafting designs are sold by Captain O’Neal, Stormwind City, and Lady Palanseer, Orgrimmar
    • Most epic PvP gear is sold by Arena Quartermaster Nargle Lashcord in Dalaran’s Underbelly.
    • Some PvP gear is sold by Knight Dameron and Stone Guard Mukar in Wintergrasp
    Hateful Gladiator Set
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