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    Wotlk Bronze Drake Mount

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    Buy Wotlk Classic Bronze Drake Mount Boosting service to get a new mount, achievements and loot, all in the company of professional WOW players!

    Almost surprisingly, this mount is not that hard to get. The reins of the Bronze Drake are aquired through the “Culling of Time” achievement, which requires the player to kill the Infinite Corruptor in the “Culling of Stratholme” dungeon on Heroic Difficulty.

    However, there is a catch - a time limit to kill the Corruptor, after which it simply flees from the battlefield. I think everyone would agree that the time limited missions are some of the worst. You only have 25 minutes since the first Scourge wave and while the boss is not particularly strong, it is very tanky. You need to act quickly if you wish to deal the finishing blow before it escapes through the portal.

    And that’s why we offer you to buy Wotlk Bronze Drake Mount boost - to save your nerves. No need to worry about picking the right build and the right team to do the challenge - our experienced players will deal with the Corruptor and still have time to take a photo with his corpse.

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    • Character lvl 80 on the Lich King Classic account.


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    Wrath classic bronze drake mount faq

    How do you get the bronze drake in wolk?

    Once again, Bronze Drake is a reward you get for killing the Infinite Corruptor in the Culling of Stratholme dungeon on Heroic Difficulty. But there is one obstacle that can make this task more annoying for you - a time limit before Corruptor simply leaves the battlefield. Yeah, so much for being Infinite.

    But don't worry, we got your back. Buy WoW WotLK Classic Bronze Drake boost to defeat the Infinite Corruptor without worrying for the time limit.

    Can you still get the bronze drake in wow?

    Yup! Bronze Drake Mount is still available in the retail version of WoW. And now, he's available to get in WoW Classic too! No matter where you plan to get him, the acquisition process remains the same.

    Bronze Drake
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