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    Wotlk Armored Blue Wind Rider Mount

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    Buy WotLK Classic Armored Blue Wind Rider mount boost and get this fearsome flying mount into your collection!

    These wolf-lion creatures with bat wings and scorpion tails are known as wyverns in the World of Warcraft lore. Despite their feral appearance, they are highly intelligent creatures, even capable of understanding speech.

    Sadly for Alliance players, humans were not able to form a bond with these creatures due to the harsh environments they live in. Meanwhile, the Horde did manage to form a companionship with wyverns, the latter even allowing to ride them into battle. In terms of World of Warcraft gameplay, that means that wyverns are exclusive to the Horde players.

    You can buy WotLK Armored Blue Wind Rider from Mei Francis in Dalaran. To buy one, you’d have to pay a hefty amount of gold. But Overgear is ready to help you out! Buy WoW WotLK Armored Blue Wind Rider boost and we’ll help you out with the acquisition of this beast.

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    Wrath classic armored blue wind rider mount boosting service

    Armored Blue Wind Riders are somewhat special, as they are not native to the inhospitable cold environments of Northrend, yet they were able to quickly adapt to its harsh conditions. It is interesting to note that, unlike their relatives from Kalimdor, their fur has taken on a blue-ish color, while their mare turned into spikes.

    Despite appearing close to mammals, they are actually related to dragons and gryphons, even laying eggs like ones. Thanks to their front limbs, they are able to traverse on the ground on all fours and just as swiftly fly in the air.

    Wind Rider will be an honorable addition to the mount collection of every Horde player and we’ll gladly help you to get one. Buy WoW WotLK Classic Armored Blue Wind Rider carry service and let us take off into the skies on these proud creatures! Just remember to not pull the wyvern’s tail.

    Armored Blue Wind Rider
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