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    Wotlk Arena Gear Boost

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    Buy Arena Season 6 gear and get the best PvP equipment in the game. This is a great chance of yours to become the PvP Lord and smash anyone who dares to fight you! With the help of Overgear's WotLK Arena Gear carry, you can forget about all that boring gearing process and jump into battle.

    A lot of players only dream of getting this gear as it takes a lot of effort and time invested to get it. This equipment reflects not only your own skill but also represents your ability to play together with other players as a team. Even the view of this gear itself will vanish the desire to challenge you. As Phase 2 comes to the game, our Arena Season 5 gear boost is not available anymore. But be not afraid, we still have something to offer! Choose our Arena Season 6 Set boosting service, just set the order right now and our professional boosters will do the rest.


    • Furious Gladiator Set - the best PvP Class 232 ilvl Set in the game;
    • 2000 Arena Rating reached;
    • 2200 Arena Rating reached if T2 weapon chosen.


    To make your experience with Overgear even more comfortable and effective, you can choose execution speed of your WotLK Classic Arena Gear carry.

    • Normal - you get a basic place in a queue;
    • Express - your order receives a higher priority, decreasing completion time by 30%;
    • Super Express - your order gets the highest possible priority and is executed by our best boosters, making completion time as quick as possible.


    • Live Stream - watch the process of your Wrath Classic Arena s6 Gear Carry completion online;
    • Add T1 weapon - you will get 238 ilvl weapon according to your class and specialization;
    • Add T2 weapon - you will get the best 252 ilvl weapon according to your class and specialization;
    • Add off-set - get Furious wrist, waist, feet, neck and finger PvP equipment that is not included in the 5 items set.
    • 80 level character in Lich King Classic.


    • Select preferred options and place an order for our WotLK Arena Gear boost;
    • We will contact you via our live chat or by sending an email;
    • All the details will be discussed beforehand, and the start time will be set according to your schedule in real life and WoW Classic;
    • We’ll find you the best team of boosters to complete your Warcraft Classic order;
    • At the appointed time, our professional player will take your character to start WotLK Classic Arena Gear boost for you;
    • We'll notify you about the World of Warcraft Classic order completion;
    • When you buy WoW WotLK Arena Gear boost don’t forget to rate our services on Trustpilot.


    Powerful PvP gear
    24/7 support service!
    5 stars on Trustpilot

    Wrath Classic Arena Gear Carry FAQ

    How do you get PvP gear in WotLK?

    There are multiple ways to get PvP gear in WotlK, with most of them being, of course, PvP activities themselves. Expect to get most of your PvP gear from vendors, such as Arena Vendors in Dalaran Sewers.

    Compared to TBC, WotLK has simplified the currency system, as you now only need two - Arena Points and Honor Points. Predictably, you get Arena Points for engaging in Arena fights. Meanwhile, Honor points are rewarded for participation in battlegrounds, as well as PvP in an open world. It's worth noting that Wintergrasp, while not an actual battleground, also rewards Honor Points.

    You can also get some PvP gear via raids, or rather various Emblems that you get as reward for beating them, which can be echanged later for gear. But it's more of a starter gear rather than something longterm, so if you want to get some proper PvP equipment - PvP is what you have to do.

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