PoE Veiled Chaos Orbs

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Veiled Chaos Orb is a new currency that appears in Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum League. This currency rerolls a rare item like ordinary Chaos Orb, but with each roll, the item receives one veiled property that you have to unveil with Jun. Moreover, veiled mods have been buffed in the Ultimatum League, so new items will be even more powerful. All these points make the Veiled Chaos Orb incredibly effective in crafting, but also serve as a new currency for trading.

About Veiled Chaos

  • New currency in the Ultimatum League;
  • Allows you to reroll a rare item like a normal Chaos Orb, but offers more crafting options;
  • New valuable exchange orb;
  • Veiled chaos orbs can be used on influenced items, but you can't get character-specific mods;
  • Obtained more commonly from Betrayal encounters, but the drop rate is pretty low.


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