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What PoE maps are?

Maps are one of the most important items in the Path of Exile, which allow you to access to endgame content. It is very simple to use it - just put the map into the map device and it will open portals to the dungeons. Maps can be upgraded by selling three of them to the vendor and receiving one map with a higher tier. There are sixteen tiers of PoE maps, which can be combined into three groups:

    • Low-tier PoE maps - including from 68 to 72 map level, colored white;
    • Mid-tier PoE maps - including from 73 to 77 map level, colored yellow;
    • High-tier PoE maps - including from 78 to 84 map level, colored red.

    Like other items in the PoE, maps are available to bo corrupted by Vaal orb. There is a list of potential effect, one of them would occur:

    • literally no effect;
    • one map tier increase with random affixes. This is the only way to collect Vaal Temple Map;
    • reroll into a rare map with eight new random affixes;
    • map becomes unidentified with all bonuses saved, but with the increase of map loot by 30%.

    You can find NPC, called Zana, which is responsible for maps in the first place. She is a Master Cartographer. She gives you the map device and sells low and mid-tier maps. Also, you can accept Atlas Missions, during which unique maps may be dropped if you have their type in your Atlas.All PoE maps, like many other items in Path of Exile, can have up to 3 suffixes and 3 prefixes. Items related to change rarity also can change the map’s rarity. (For example, you can use Orb of Alchemy and upgrade your map from basic into a rare.)In the PoE, there are several achievements related to maps, such as Gladiator, Releaser of Souls, Cartographer, and others.  

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