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    PoE Friendly Fire Group Event

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    Buy PoE Friendly Fire Group Event and complete the campaign with minimal death of your teammates.

    In this event, you'll need to compete in Group SSF race to try to reach a goal with exotic rules applied. Friendly fire is enabled. Goal: Kill Act Ten Kitava.


    • Private League Event: groups compete in special private leagues to complete the goal in the best time.
    • Hunting Group: players can only deal Damage when near two other Players.
    • Hostility: other Players are classified as Enemies.

    Note that even your minions will attack your teammates. It is easy to make a mistake and kill your teammate by choosing the wrong skill. Also, the league account limit is set to 5 so that you can't cheat with two teams progressing in parallel in the league.

    Don't hesitate and worry about your build and skills. Leave it to professionals and buy Path of Exile Friendly Fire Group boost for your character.


    • A chance to win one of the prizes below;
    • Loot during the completion.
    • Rank 1: Legend's Hideout Statue
    • Rank 2: Champion's Hideout Statue
    • Rank 3: Victor's Hideout Statue
    • Rank 4-10: Challenger's Hideout Statue
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    PoE Friendly Fire Group Event FAQ

    What time does Friendly Fire Group Event start?

    PoE Friendly Fire Group 2023 starts: 2pm March 14th PDT and ends at 2pm March 21st PDT. Platforms: PC only

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    Friendly Fire Group Event
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