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    About our PoE Events service

    In Path of Exile, do the events still take place in the standard league?

    There're always some events that you can find while running through this world. And now, you'll face new events in Path of Exile, and you can complete them with our PoE Events carry service. PoE will run three events for players to challenge themselves in three unique ways. All events will be available for PC, PS, and Xbox. Each event will have Standard, Standard Solo Self-Found, Hardcore, and Hardcore Solo Self-Found versions that you can play in, except for Endless Delve, which only has Standard Solo Self-Found and Hardcore Solo Self-Found versions. If you don't have time for them, you can buy our Path of Exile Events services and forget about all of this time-spending.

    Does Path of Exile have events?

    Yes, it does. And you can complete them with our Path of Exile league events boosting. You can concentrate on other stuff with us and forget about this pointless grind. You can call Events a special game mode, which includes specific challenges. You can create a new character and try to get to the top level and then obtain a chance to get rare cosmetic rewards. You can buy Path of Exile race events carry, and we'll get you to the max level, and you'll get some cosmetic rewards with a 100% chance.

    What Events does PoE have?

    Soon you'll see three events in PoE. Here's a short list of them.

    • Mayhem - starts 04.11.22 and ends 14.11.22;
    • Endless Delve - starts 14.11.22 and ends 21.11.22;
    • Delirium Everywhere - starts 21.11.22 and ends 28.11.22.

    You can buy our PoE events farming, and we'll do the job.