New World Legendary Gear

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Buy New World Legendary gear boost. Choose any weapon or Armor slot, contact our managers, tell what stats and perk you want, and we will deliver the gear of your dream right to your server.

You can choose any Attribute combination and 1 Perk of your choice. If you want BiS item with two specific Perks, we can make it!


  • 600 GS Legendary Armor or Weapon with specific Stats and one Perk of your choice;
  • You will get a 10% Discount for buying 3 or more items.


  • I want 2 specific Perks - choose this option to get two specific perks for any item.
  • To use Legendary Gear you have to be 60 LVL.


Tier V Legendary 600 Gear
Top perks for PvP & PvE
All done by hands

New World Legendary Gear FAQ

How do you get legendary gear in the New World?

The easiest way to obtain legendary gear in New World is to buy our New World Legendary Gear carry services. We'll complete all of the requirements for you to obtain it. Without a good understanding of this game, you can waste tons of time on this activity. There is a short list of some legendary gear in NW:

  • Weaponsmaster’s Chosen;
  • Blightbone Battleaxe;
  • Fury;
  • Woodswarden;
  • Beginning;
  • Smooth Bone Ring;
  • Doom’s Chance Earring;
  • Eyes in the Abyss;
  • The Chain of Zane;
  • Warden’s Guise.

How do you make 600 GS armor?

This is a hard job. Just grinding to level 200 in your favorite crafting discipline isn’t even close enough. You’ll need to combine every buff in the game, stack them all up, and then pray to the RNG gods to reach the coveted 600 GS. If you do that, you can technically reach far beyond the hardcap of 600 GS. The 500 GS softcap can be breached by +100 GS. So you'll need a full varaity of buffs to get the desired gear. You need to know which buffs you need more then the others. Overall, we suggest you to buy New World Legendary Gear boosting services right now and we'll get you covered.

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