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    Lost Ark Gear Score Boosting

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    Buy Item Level boost in Lost Ark for your character at Overgear! Be prepared for new raids and Guardians. Up item level of your equipment is the basis of increasing your character's power in Lost Ark. This Gearing Score service includes daily or weekly farming of all activities, and assistance in obtaining bonus materials for gearing.

    As we all know, getting new gear is the most tedious part of any MMORPG. This thing stands between you and new exciting content. All of this grinding of the same Guardians, Abyss dungeons, and towers can be a real chore. That's why we provide our services. Our professional booster will get you all gear, that you may need. Get our Item Level boosting services now!

    We can make a discount on your alt character - 20%!


    • Desired ilvl gearing for your character;
    • If your current ilvl is between the breakpoints - we will make a discount!


    Character with desired Item level
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    Lost Ark Gear Score Boosting Services FAQ

    What is a Gear Score in Lost Ark?

    Leveling your gear score in the Lost Ark can be a real chore. To participate in most late-game activities, you'll need a much higher gear score, than that which you'll finish the main storyline. On average you'll have a 250 gear score after the main storyline. And after that, your grind is just beginning. Up until level 1375. This is a very long road to take. It can take you months to get to this gear score yourself. So get our Lost Ark gear score boosting service and skip all of this pointless grind.

    How to Increase Gear Score in Lost Ark?

    From the level 250 to 600 item gear score, your only chance of getting higher gear is chaos dungeons. This is a daily activity, that can help you to level up your gear score up to 600. On the levels of 400, you can participate in the Citadel of Illusions and the Aureslud Palace dungeons. This will help you to boost your GS in Lost Ark up to 600 much faster.

    After a 600 gear score, you can concentrate on Chaos dungeon Yorn, to get to an 800 gear score level. After that, you'll have to concentrate on recycling older gear into newer ones and focus on gems, as they will help develop the skills of your character. This is when grind becomes a real pain, all of that RNG comes to play, so think about getting our Lost Ark item level boosting services and forget about all of this trouble.

    And to get to the max level, you'll have to go through the Punika area and do all activities there. Also, consider going through the Valtan Legion Raid on normal mode. After that, you should grind upgrade materials for your gear. In the end, this will maximize your gear score.

    Price and delivery info

    You can ask, how much Lost Ark gear score boost cost? And you'll be shocked! This is actually not expensive. Considering how much of your free time we can save, this deal is a given. Get our Lost Ark gear score boost and we deliver on all of our promises.

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