Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Here you can buy the desired amount of FFXIV Gil on any server - Light or Chaos. Just switch the button to select the league you play on.

Why Overgear?

  • There is one simple reason why your money can never be lost on Overgear: we lock the payment until your order is 100% finished and you confirm the service delivery. Before that, you able to refund your money if something will go wrong. Our Refund Policy covers every possible case.
  • 24/7 Customer support service will help you in any situation

How it works?

  • Choose correct Home-world Server;
  • Press "Buy now" and choose convenient payment method. All methods world-famous and verified ;
  • Refund available on any stage before order is finished;
  • Once order is placed. Clarify your Character name;
  • Stay online in your Home-world Server and be ready for trade or mailing
  • Delivery is 15-60 minutes


  • 100% Legal Hand-farm by our suppliers and farm teams;
  • Our characters is leveled and completing activities, they looks like regular players
  • We will just send you location ping
  • We keep Gil on specified characters and delivery from human-like characters only
  • We never talk about RMT in-game, all details discussed on the site
Finish the payment and our manager will contact you within 2 minutes
Choose the suitable Gil delivery time and method
The Gil will be traded to you in-game by f2f trade or mailing

Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil on Overgear fast and secure. 100% Delivery guarantee.

[Chaos] Cerberus
[Chaos] Cerberus
[Chaos] Louisoix
[Chaos] Moogle
[Chaos] Omega
[Chaos] Ragnarok
[Chaos] Spriggan
[Light] Lich
[Light] Odin
[Light] Phoenix
[Light] Shiva
[Light] Twintania
[Light] Zodiark
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