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    FIFA 23 FUT Draft Boost

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    Buy FIFA 23 FUT Draft to obtain up to 4 draft wins and get packs with gold and players.

    FUT Draft is a gamemode that is available in both online and single-player variants. In online, you get almost twice as many rewards as the singe-player, but it is also much harder to be effective in it. Competing against real players is not the same experience as competing against AI. It is a difficult, nervous, skill-based challenge. And when you can be eliminated from the FUT Draft series after only one loss, it becomes even harder.

    However, with our FIFA 23 FUT Draft boost you can get up to 4 won matches without loosing your time and efforts.


    • Chosen number of wins obtained;
    • Get packs with coins and players as reward. In online mode, get twice as more!


    • Stream - monitor the progress of the FIFA FUT Draft boosting service with this extra option.
    • Active FIFA 23 account.
    • Select preferred options and place an order for the FIFA FUT Draft Boost;
    • We will contact you via our live chat or by sending an email;
    • All the details will be discussed beforehand, and the start time will be set according to your schedule.
    • We’ll find you boosters who are ready to complete the service and fit in your schedule the best;
    • Our professional player will take your character and start on the FIFA 23 FUT Draft Carry service;
    • We'll notify you about the FIFA FUT Draft boosting completion;
    • Enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our FIFA 23 boosting services on Trustpilot.


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    Is FUT Draft available in FIFA 23?

    Yes, it has been added to the new entry in the series with almost no differences from the previous FIFA games.

    How to enter FUT Draft?

    Entrance is unlocked if you have FUT Draft token. You can get one for free if you join FUT Draft for the first time, or get them as rewards from packs.

    Is FUT Draft profitable?

    FUT Draft can be one of the quickest methods of farming FIFA coins if you play it effectively and get as many wins as possible.

    FUT Draft
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