Destiny 2 has a huge amount of different weapons and it becomes really difficult to understand what weapons are good and not. Overgear has set up a list of the best weapons from any sources and different quality. Here you may find top weapons for any slots: kinetic. energy and power. There are also different weapons by the type of damage: kinetic, void, solar and arc. We compile weapons from any sources and for any type of content as for PvE as for PvP. Choose top weapons in Destiny 2 you like the most and let Overgear know your wish. Buy top weapons like Recluse, Izanagi’s Burden, Luna’s Howl or Whisper of the Worm and be at full power prepared for any encounter in Destiny 2 with help of Overgear.

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    Destiny 2 exists through the 3 years already, so there is no surprise that game has been accumulated such big amount of weapons during this time. So it can be complicated for any new player in Destiny 2 to realise what weapons he really needs in. Fortunately you have an Overgear. We’ve got separated sections by source for all Destiny 2 weapons, but this sections suites you the best. Here you may find only the best guns in the game. Sources may be absolutely different: Quests, RNG drop, farming. From PvP or PvE and for PvP or PvE. There are a lot of top weapons you may find as a reward of Crucible or Gambit rated quests. And these weapons are better for PvE than for PvP. Looks like a joke but it is true. Let's take Recluse as example: this weapon was a masterpiece against hordes of enemies for a very long time. Even in Crucible this weapon is very cool even after nerf, but SMG is not the meta weapon for PvP. Crucible prefers weapons like shotguns for close range. Hand cannon for middle range and pulse rifles or sniper rifles for long range maps. PvE mostly relies on most dps potential weapons like Izanagi’s Burden, Anarchy, Whisper of the Worm or Divinity from Garden of Salvation quest. At Overgear you can find any Destiny 2 cheap services and probably the cheapest. Notice one important thing: you can use only one Exotic weapon at the time. So you won’t be able to use Izanagi’s Burden and Anarchy simultaneously. About our cheap boosting in Destiny 2: Overgear can provide carry for any Top weapon on our list. If you need in advice about set of weapons ask our managers and they will assist you. Buy Top Legendary and Exotic weapons at the lowest price at Overgear and rip your enemies at full power.