Point of the Stag

Get your Point of the Stag - a single pinnacle weapon from whole season 10. Available only during the Iron Banner event in the game! Catch up and get your Point of the Stag at the lowest price at Overgear. Buy Point of the Stag carry right now.

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Point of the Stag is the new combat Bow in D2 and the only pinnacle weapon in season of the worthy. This bow should appear in the game in season 9, but smth went wrong and it has been delayed. But right now you have an opportunity to get this bow in a very short time with Overgear. We are in love with such quests for a new pinnacle weapons. Chat with us and let us know have you already started the quest and at what stage you are at this moment. We’ll do the rest. Buy Point of the Stag cheap boosting and it will be done in a no time.

Point of the Stag