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Luna’s Howl Legendary Hand Cannon

Luna’s Howl Legendary Hand Cannon is an Energy weapon and deals Solar Damage. This is one of the most beloved Hand Cannons in D2, especially by Crucible players. What is so special about it? Landing head shots with this weapon will increase the damage of your next bodyshot. Very useful in PvP, but doesn’t worth it in PvE. If you are a Crucible player this Hand Cannon is a masterpiece for you. Buy Luna’s Howl Legendary Hand Cannon at Overgear and become a champion in the eyes of Lord Shaxx.

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Same as Recluse, Luna’s Howl is able to create some magic in PvP. It has a lot good perks for Crucible but how to claim this weapon? Complete 10 matches at Crucible Competitive. Get 150 hand cannon kills in Competitive matches. Done? Now get 200 solar kills in Competitive matches. No matter how it will be done, with weapons or abilities. Complete 4 rumble matches. Now get 100 precision hand cannon kills in Competitive. Now you should claim 2100 rating or claim the Fabled Rank in the Glory playlist. Finally, you can recieve your Luna’s Howl form the Lord Shaxx. Sounds weird? Let Overgear help you! Buy Luna’s Howl Legendary Hand Cannon boosting and we will provide this service in the best way and as soon as possible. Fabled rank and your Luna’s Howl are waiting for you.

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