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21% Delirium Legendary Machine Gun

21% Delirium is a power weapon with Arc damage with unique perk Killing Tally. This perk is modified version of Rampage. Instead of 4.5 sec duration of Rampage, Killing Tally is endless and it’s final damage bonus at 3 stacks is 65%. 21% Delirium resets its own perks only if you stow or reload the weapon. Add an Overflow perk here and with right perks at ammo you might never need in reloading manually. Buy 21% Delirium Legendary Machine Gun at Overgear at the lowest price. 

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D2 has a lot of opportunities to create your own playstyle. Anyway, our goal is to give you the best working advises and let you have any weapon you want. Overgear has lots of offers in D2 and other games and we provide any boosting services we are capable of. If you want to buy 21% Delirium - you came to the right place. We are ready to do all stages for 21% Delirium quest. They all should be done in Gambit matches. What are they? 75 multikills with machine gun, filling the progress line of killing the Envoys and Primevals and the last one is to reset your Infamy rank, that can become a complicated thing. To reach the highest rank and reset it you need to play dozens of Gambit matches. Overgear is able to save your time and boost your guardian while you have more important things to do. Let us know on which platform do you play and we’ll need no preparations to provide you a service of 21% Delirium boosting. 

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