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What is most desired weapons in D 2? Right - Exotic weapons. In every slot you can find an extra powerful exotic weapon of any type. Such weapons like Izanagi’s Burden desired by lots of PvE players, or Arbalest at PvP while you are doing ritual quest of Season of Dawn. At Overgear you may find any boosting service for any powerful Exotic Weapon at D 2. Do you want Whisper of the Worm, Anarchy or Wish-ender? Buy exotic weapon boosting at Overgear and claim desired exotic weapons in a no time!

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    As you already know weapons in D 2 is the most interesting and unique items in the game. Each weapon feels absolutely different and only god knows how Bungie still are able to create new and new weapons that feels individual each time. The most stand out weapons are Exotic weapons. D 2 offers a lot of Exotic types of them. But not only Exotics are that unique. Most part of not RNG dropped Exotics have a very long journey and difficult quests to obtain these weapons in the end. Quests like Whisper of the Worm will stay forever in your mind, or last duel on hand cannons for Last Word Exotic. Such experience sometime wants to relive twice. But a lot of Exotic weapons, especially the best ones requires a lot of time, skill and nerves. Overgear provide services at D 2 at the highest level on each platform. We are able to do in the shortest time the most difficult Exotic weapons boosting like Whisper of the Worm or Izanagi’s Burden. There are a lot of Exotic weapons we can offer for selling, don’t be shy and check each of them. Weapons like Divinity or One Thousand Voices won’t leave you indifferent. We also provide services of farming some rng dropped exotics, like Anarchy Grenade Launcher. Stay tuned, list of our exotic weapons get bigger every day.