Hard Light Catalyst Masterwork

Hard Light Catalyst Masterwork boost will help you to unlock this upgrade for a crazily effective auto rifle as quickly as possible.

Masterwork upgrade for Hard Light Catalyst requires you to make 1000 kills with this gun. To reach this number you have to spend at least a dozen hours of your own free time. Buy Hard Light Catalyst Masterwork to guarantee yourself an unlock of this upgrade made by professional boosters.


  • With a live stream - live stream lets you to monitor the boosting progress;
  • Hard Light Exotic Unlock - quick and effective unlock of this rifle;
  • Campaign completions - we will complete Forsaken, Shadowkeep and Beyond Light campaigns so you can participate in an endgame content right away;


  • Hard Light Catalyst Masterwork quickly obtained, making your gun significantly more accurate;
  • You keep all the loot that can be earned during the boost;


  • Boost starts in 30 min after the order is placed;
  • The service will be done in one day after the start;
  • Time of completion can change if additional options were chosen;


  • Select additional options and make an order;
  • We will contact you to provide all the details via chat or e-mail;
  • An experienced booster will be assigned to your order;
  • Boost starts accordingly to a discussed schedule;
  • We will inform you about the results immediately after the boost is done;
  • Enjoy the results and tell about your experience on Trustpilot;


  • You have to own Hard Light Exotic Catalyst to order this service;

Please note that recently developers changed their security and in-game surveillance system and could issue account suspension for some activities. We cannot affect their actions in any possible way. So we take every precaution available to avoid the risks that are involved. Make sure to follow all instructions of our managers and boosters before and during your order.


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How to obtain Hard Light Masterwork upgrade?

Masterwork for this exotic requires to reach 1000 kills made with it. This is one of the longest Masterwork upgrades available for farming.

How does it improve my Hard Light?

It significantly increases the stability of the gun, making it more comfortable for usage on medium and long ranges

Hard Light Catalyst MW
24 hours order completion