Shadowkeep is the latest expansion for D2, that brings a lot of new things into D2. New story line of Eris Morn at Moon. A lot of new Exotic weapons in each slot, new contracts, strikes, nightfalls, new crucible maps, armor 2.0, season artifact for Undying. There is also new big Raid - Garden of Salvation. There is so much in a same time so it is difficult to name all things at once. Please, check what new things you need in a first place and Overgear will make it happen.

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    1 big expansion, season of Undying is on and 3 more seasons ahead. Shadowkeep promises to be huge! Especially with all new features in the game like Armor 2.0 and previous god-roll needs on weapons. Farm-farm-farm is waiting! Daily and weekly contracts for new gear, huge amount of new Exotic weapons, such as Leviathan’s Breath or Xenophage. Each day you can enter the game and find something completely new. That’s why we are here. Overgear provides services for Shadowkeep boost 24/7 and we keep tracking for new hidden content with cool rewards in game. Shadowkeep has also gating system for content. Every week Bungie introduce new items, strikes or whatever else! Shadowkeep DLC allows players to gear up to 960 with their own gear. But there is a new item we have - the Season Artifact. This little things gives an opportunity to increase Power of your Guardian bringing new perks for you gear and weapons and also boost your Light until 1000! Each season artifact will be replaced by the new one. The level of your Artifact will grow with your season pass level. So, more spended hours in game - the better guardian you have. New location at the Moon will guide you to Shadowkeep content and sooner or later you will be able to do weekly and daily contracts of Eris Morn. She will become an extra source of gear and quests for exotic weapons. Check Overgear’s offers and claim everything you need from Shadowkeep!