Crown of Sorrow Raid Run

Ah, raiding in Destiny 2! A very fun and rewarding activity. And quite difficult, to be honest. All raids are meant to be cleared in a team of 6 Guardians with every member knowing the tactics. Not everyone has the team or the time to learn the tactics and find a team, that's understandable. That's why you can leave this to us! Crown of Sorrow Raid will give you a lot of equipment, including a chance on getting raid exotic weapon called Tarrabah, and an increased chance of getting a random exotic gear!

You will get:

  • Crown of Sorrow Raid completed
  • Chance to get Tarrabah Exotic SMG
  • All additional gear and resources that will drop during the completion

Available options:

  • Selfplay - play yourself, have fun - we'll carry you
  • Piloted - our booster will drive your character


    • Start within 30 minutes
    • Lead Time: ~1 hour


How It works?
Contact us in live chat, ask any questions and place an order
Selfplay: at the appointed time you will be invited to a fireteam
Piloted: Booster will establish a VPN of your location during the usage of your account
Why Overgear?
We're checking with the Market Prices every day to provide you the best offer
Your payment goes to the booster only when you confirm the service completion and leave your feedback
Saving your time is our priority. We're going fast and always ready to start on short notice
Our manager will answer all your questions and will be available at any moment
All players pass an interview to confirm their skills and verify their passport ID
No one will ever work on Overgear with cheats or bots. No exceptions!

Crown of Sorrow is the last raid of the Forsaken expansion released back in Season 7. And even now this raid attracts Guardians into its depths. Outside the triumphs, there is one thing that is still desired by players - Exotic SMG Tarrabah. Buy the Crown of Sorrow Raid Boost on Overgear and enjoy your fast journey through the raid!

Crown of Sorrow Raid Run