Harder the content - better the rewards. It is a golden rule of Destiny 2 that also applies to raids, and legendary weapons that can drop from such activities are one of the best in the game. The problem is that its unlocking process can take huge amounts of your free time and be extremely difficult. Our Raid Legendary Weapons boost will help you with that.

If you want to get a specific gun with best possible stats - buy Raid Legendary Weapons services by Cakeboost.

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    What are Raid Legendary Weapons?

    This is a special category of guns that can be obtained only while completing Destiny 2 raids. It have much better stats than other legendary weapons in the game. and theirs godroll perks are literally ultimate against both PvP and PvE targets. Yet, it is very difficult to get a raid legendary weapon, as it often requires not one but several completion of raids in hope of the good loot.

    Raid Legendary Weapons Carry Service

    Our boosters are ready to do everthing necessary to unlock you a desired gun. You can order legendary raid guns and exotic raid guns that can be unlocked during raid completions. We also offer All Timelost Weapons Bundle - a perfect choice for players who want to obtain best arms from the Master VoG raid.

    Additional Options

    To make our Raid Legnedary Weapon boost services suitable for the most narrow tasks, each of the service has a list of extra options for additional tasks.


    Exact requirements can be different from service to service, however, most of the boosts require you to have at least 1310 Power level.

    Available platforms

    We have teams of professional boosters for each current-gen and past-gen platforms. Raid Legendary Weapons Carry Services can be done on PC, Xbox and Playstation.


    What is a Timelost weapon?

    Timelost weapons can be obtained during VoG raid on Master difficulty. They have all advantages of Adept versions, but also have 1 guaranteed perk in the 3rd column.

    How to unlock a Raid Legendary Weapon?

    Different weapons require different tasks. Yet, the most popular method is getting them as a random drop during or at the end of the raid.