Iron Banner Armor Set

Iron Forerunner armor is very attractive, there's no doubt in this. But getting one for yourself can be quite difficult since Iron Banner is the Crucible mode where power advantages are enabled. Get this by using Overgear, save your time and nerves.

Note: Starting next Season, Bungie introduce the Iron Lord’s Pride intrinsic perk through this set. Wearing a piece of this armor grants a small chance of an Enhancement Prism dropping at the end of an Iron Banner match. Each additional piece worn increases the chance, capping out at four pieces total.

You will get:

  • Full Iron Banner Armor Set
  • All additional gear and resources that will drop during the completion
  • Iron Banner weapons and armor with hight stats

Available options:

  • Selfplay - play yourself, have fun - we'll carry you
  • Piloted - our booster will drive your character


  • Start within 30 minutes
    • Lead Time: ~5 hours
Contact us in live chat, ask any questions and place an order
Selfplay: at the appointed time you will be invited to a fireteam
Piloted: Booster will establish a VPN of your location during the usage of your account


Every season there is a new unique Iron Banner armor set. In the Season of the Lost, this armor is called the Iron Forerunner set.

You can acquire it by completing Iron Banner matches and specific Iron Banner quest


Is Iron Banner armor so good?

Definitely yes. Lots of guardians say that is one of the best armor sets in the whole game!

What is the Iron banner armor this season?

This season it's called Iron Forerunner armor.

Iron Banner Armor Set